The first post

This isn’t my first blog. Nope, this is blog number three.

The first one was a year long, rather successful attempt, at blogging regularly as I figured out a few key things in my life.

The second was a continuation of that, which eventually petered out and I lost interest and focus.

Now we are at number three. Third times a charm? I think so. People live life and go through a lot of crap to figure things out, and I am nothing if not people.  What have I figured out? I love to write.  I love being able to write whatever I want, whenever I want.  I would love if this were my full time career, but this works too.

The one thing that my other blogs did, that won’t be happening here, is be sort of a secret.  It was a secret in the sense that many of those close to me had no idea that I had a blog, but I would publish publicly letting the rest of the world know.   Why on earth would someone do that?  My best answer is that I was ready to tell my story but not not ready for it to be an open book to all. It’s a lot easier to write a piece about depression or something that could make someone uncomfortable knowing I had to look that person in the eye and potentially see their judgment. If I have learned anything from my past blogging experience it’s that I live solely for me and what brings me happiness, just as you should live solely for you and what brings you happiness.  I will never have access to your thoughts, emotions or brain, so I can never know what you are truly thinking or feeling, so I don’t have the full picture and never will. My days of living for other people, worrying about what they think or say, are long gone;  but I am not perfect, and occasionally revert – that’s  why I’m blogging again.

Well that’s not the only reason I’m blogging again – I’m writing again because I feel I need to, because I have nothing to hide and everything to gain. I am desperate to learn and grow in a way that works for me and I invite you along for the ride. Maybe you will relate to my posts about being a mom, or that I’m a stay at home mom right now that interests you; maybe you’ll be interested in my fight with h. Pylori and constant stomach woes; maybe you’ll be interested in my various stresses, lessons and learns; maybe you’ll like it and maybe you won’t. All that matters to me right now is that I write and so I shall.



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