Barometer belly 

Today I finally tackled a project that I have been meaning to do for some time: creating a whole bunch of natural cleaning supplies for my house.  There are a few cleaning supplies that I have been meaning to switch over for some time and have had most of the supplies ready to go but little will to tackle it.

Today I felt like tackling it and I mean all of it.  I made laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, various cleaners and sprays and it did take some time to complete and   luckily  my little guy decided to have an epic nap which allowed me to do so.

 I worked my way through lunch and by 1:30pm I could feel my stomach tighten up and that uncomfortable bloat pain – my body was clearly hungry.  I ignored it and moved on and by the time I sat down an hour later to eat lunch my stomach wasn’t too happy with me.

My stomach was telling me that it was hurting in many ways.  Not just skipping a meal, which did some major damage but working on my feet for hours pushing to complete something I could have completed over the course of a week, patiently creating each item until I had a whole collection.  Clean up added major time to my day and I realized that I had actually spent most of the day working on  this project.

My husband says I am an all or nothing girl, and he is right.  I often dive deep into projects so much that I often hurt myself in the process – absolutely true.  That is something that I have to consciously say to myself : balance.  I need to balance everything in my life and that means being patient too.  Being patient in the sense that what I am working on takes time but but by bit I will get there.

Bit by bit, step by step I am on my way.


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