Simply natural

After I graduated from university I had gained 25 pounds. A students diet is notorious for being poor, especially if you were like myself, reaching for processed packaged items to save time. When I found myself in my first job I decided it was time to make a change, years of trying to diet to lose weight had been unsuccessful; I shifted focus, instead of weight loss I focused on being healthy and that stuck. I started to exercise regularly, I started to learn about eating well and gradually the weight fell off, but it did so because I stopped thinking about it and focused on me.  Reflecting back now, I can see this was my first taste at connecting with myself which brought about permanent change. 

As the years have gone by, I have tried a variety of healthy food trends, some which nearly killed me with my stomach issues, and some which fit well.  I have tried a variety of shakes, supplements and packaged diet items but none of those ever really stuck , but what did is a simplistic natural eating regime tailored to my individuality. 

With my recent stomach issues I have taken a look at my eating habits again to gain a better understanding. Once a week I carefully combed sales and stores for best prices and best meals, and I admit I would get a little stressed trying to make it all work with my budget.  Something was missing and that something was simplicity.  I needed a relaxed simple approach to my eating and excercise that wasn’t so “you have to or else”.  I signed up for a local fruits and veggies delivery as well as one which obtained meat locally and naturally to my door – simple.  The fruits and veggies change depending on the season and the meat can be tailored as well.  I simplified my grocery list making sure I only had essentially that we really needed, a set list really that’s simple and required little thought or work; it has room for wiggling but for the most part should stay relatively consistent. I can afford the better local organic produce because I am letting go of the processed snacks for myself and my family.  I sat down and created one big food budget and had everything documented, no surprises but room for some just in case. I wanted to balance my budget with my values, and it was more than possible for me to have both. 

When I think about it, it brings me so much joy because it is simply and natural, which fills me with almost a purposeful sense of peace and happiness.  My life is transforming but not the way I thought it would as a child, it’s transforming back to the way of my grandmother with natural simplicity and love.  Something about that natural simplicity makes me feel like that is where I feel at home, it simply draws me in, full of love.


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