I am not perfect

No matter how much growth and transformation I have experienced, it is still hard to write those words – I am not perfect.

I like to be perfect, a perfect that resonates with everyone. There is still a part of me that wants you to think I am perfect, to envy me, to see how wonderful I truly am.  It is the part of me that still enjoys people pleasing, that seeks your approval and your love. It is the part that really doesn’t need anything from you, but everything from me and that everything is love.

My relationships aren’t perfect, they often require a lot of work and dedication, from friends to my children, to my husband – they are not perfect, I am not perfect.  Honestly nothing in my life is perfect: relationships, health, jobs, daily life, none of it and that is a good though that I need to remind myself.

I need to bring awareness that I am not perfect in anything; that is the struggle of life that makes it so real, so human.

I am not perfect and I no longer want to be.


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