The feminine

For two and a half weeks during a month, I am a happy well adjusted human being but a week before my cycle and half way through the start of it, I am not.  I experience intense human emotions so raw that it seems almost impossible to separate myself from it. I have this absolute inability to let things go when I am in that space. I don’t feel like me, but I also feel that I am me and I am ignoring me.  

What I have discovered through journaling is that as I learn and grow in my life, I am ignoring a vital part of who I am, and I am never going to feel a great connection to my true self if I continue to ignore my femininity.  The problem is I am not entirely sure how to celebrate and accept that as who I am. 

I have read many articles about a woman’s cycle and the power and creativity that flows from it, perhaps that is a place to start: tapping into that creativity especially during this point in my cycle.  I think the other thing I need to focus on is letting go of a feeling of inferiority based on my gender. I think because I am a stay at home mom and a woman, that somehow I am not as worthy.  The stay at home dad deserves more respect than me as the stay at home mom, we do the same but I am allowing my gender to make me feel inferior to him. 

Perhaps I need to remind myself that the feminity is creative, is loving, is strong, is powerful, is beautiful, is many things that I often overlook or ignore.  I need to be bought back into my feminine self through a place of love and live in that love. I need to stop listening or taking in the stereotypes of the feminine and begin to believe what I already know.

This is a good place to start but I really welcome any feedback and comments on this one.


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