The journey

It seems ridiculous that I’ve had a lightbulb turn on lately:  only I know my body, only I know myself.  As I am reconnecting with myself and letting go of a lot of this baggage that I have been carrying around I am getting some strong messages about what works for me and what doesn’t.  It seems silly to realize this but truth be told for decades I have been living my life for everyone else so no wonder I am so discconnected from myself. 

I am getting a clear picture of my health and myself and I am realizing the path I am on just feels right.  I know who I need to help me, and  how often I need to see them but also that they won’t cure me,  for two reasons:

1) only I can cure myself, it needs to be me doing the work

2) I am not broken

There is no magic pill or one stop method that will leave me enlightened and happy in the end.  There isn’t an end to be working towards, only continuous growth and learning down a path where I am running on by myself.  No one is telling me where to go and no one will carry me down the path because the point is the journey, there is no destination. 

It’s like a continuous cycle which can elevate you and connect you to yourself at each spin of the wheel.  There will be times when I fall off the path but I will continue to find my way back, I always do.  

This is my journey and belongs entirely to me, no one can do it for me.  No one can magically wave a wand and everything be as perfect as could be.  That wouldn’t be fun at all and honestly I really wouldn’t want it that way.  All I can do is continue doing what I am doing and slowly pieces fall into place; the whole picture comes into view and as it does I can start to enjoy the scenery and lose myself in the process.  Forget the finish line Danielle, because it’s not there; just enjoy each step and realize you’re the only one walking,  it’s is your journey to have and to hold.


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