I am constantly comparing myself to people, sometimes I don’t even realize that I am doing it.  I get it in my head sometimes that I am the only one out there going through life.  The truth is everyone is going through a journey called life, and everyone is doing it in their own way.

I think where I get caught up is thinking that someone is so happy and so solid in their own self that there is no way they experience anger, resentment, frustration, etc… Of course they do. Everyone does. At some point in our lives we experience these human emotions, because we are human.   It could be very quickly, and they could deal with it in a much different way than I do. Allow yourself Danielle, to experience those emotions, just don’t live there. Recognize them, name them and then move on.  It is getting better and the triggers of mine are causing less pauses in these negative emotions, but I am comparing right now.

I am comparing myself to others, and when I do that I am saying that what I am doing is wrong, maybe what you are doing is right. Its about having little self confidence in the choices I have made so I am looking at your paper to see what you have written down.  Sometimes I see things that I like and I want; but they honestly don’t work for me.  Sometimes I think you’ve got it all wrong and I feel like telling you how you to do it right.

Comparison really is the thief of joy.

Look at all the joy I am missing, comparing myself in so many different ways.

The truth is everyone is tooting about life in a way that works for them, and that’s what we should all be celebrating.  No one is exactly the same and isn’t it good that is the case?! If we can all feel confident in our choices and just experience life that makes for a really happy place.

So day by day, I will keep tooting along my own way and be happy for you as you toot along with yours.





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