Have you seen my motivation? 

Where has my motivation been lately?

I have every intention of waking up meditating, eating well,  getting some excercise in, writing, blogging and just being my happy old self but I have got a serious case of the lazies.  

I have really felt cravings driven; wanting nothing but treats and not having time in my life for excercise or doing anything that really makes me happy. 

I can’t seem to get my bum into gear. 

The worst part is I really want to. I think about that feeling when I am doing all those things that brings me better connected with myself and it makes me happy, but it’s not enough just to think about it.  I need to move. I need to connect to me and here is the part I need to remember the most: I need to be gentle with myself as I do so.  I can’t say this to myself: look at you in your funk, you’re so lazy, you’re so awful, get your bum moving.  I won’t motivate myself if I tell myself those things. I need to lift myself up, I need to think creatively about, I need to feel inspired.

We all go through ebbs and flows and even the most grounded people move up and down in life, the trick is to pick yourself up and move on gently.

Which is what I have to do right now.

Put down the Doritos Danielle, move into the light! 



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