The robin

I’ve been gifted with twenty four hours of solitude. Gifts like these come when they are truly needed.  Though I was apprehensive about taking it, I realize it was more than needed.

I started out my first hours like a child set free in a candy store, gorging themselves on freedom and too much sugar.  After lying on the couch for several sugar induced hours I didn’t feel like this was true life, I didn’t feel like I was actually living.  As I was lying there a robin perched itself on the balcony almost calling me to come out, so I did.  Where I am staying has beautiful paths embraced by magestic trees;  I set on the path walking.  Not entirely sure where I was going or the time it would take, I continued forward and every once and a while a robin would land in my path as if to say : you’re heading the right way keep going.

As my head starting to wake I realized that all that I fear shouldn’t be feared but embraced and maybe those health issues or life issues that I fear so much are good things, maybe they shouldn’t be feared at all; maybe I should welcome them all with loving arms.

As I continued down the path the robin landed and I thought this is life, this path, isn’t it?  Where should I be heading and what is my dharma-  my purpose or gift that I share with others?  The bird left and I turned a corner and saw it with babies, with its children.  I thought is it that simple? Me being with my children? I have a love of writing is that part of it too? 

I just thought to myself, be that voice.  Be the voice for that mother, be that voice for the stay at home mom,  be that voice for me, that voice for you.   Then I realized I am exactly where I am supposed to be, I am living my dharma.  The way I do so may change over the years but what I so desperately search for is what I already have.  


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