The art of patience 

Patience is certainly not something that happens naturally for me, it is something I work on daily. I am a person who comes from a land of rush. I worked in jobs which had tight deadlines and quick response times, so I have done nothing in my life but feed this rush.   I find the rush leads to being busy and always wanting to be busy which leads to a life of constantly juggling while running to the finish line. Juggling while running to the finish line makes you miss the run itself, you don’teven realize there was a path that you were on and you miss so many things along the way. 

I constantly need to remind myself to slow down because I constantly get caught going to fast and become entirely task driven, that  makes me ignore any kind of present moment; essentially I let life pass me by. The art of being patience requires you to slow down. It requires you to let go of the rush and stop the glorification of being busy.  You are able to realize that it will get done, things will be accomplished but at a rate that’s better balanced with life. 

This was really exemplified today as I was gardening. I have a big back garden which is beautiful but requires a lot of up keep. Weeding, though not my favourite gardening chore, can be relaxing if I am patient and allow myself to simply weed.  My mind wants to rush through and get it all done quickly so I can have it all done now; but, when I do that I only do that and ignore other things in my life, I also often push my body to an uncomfortable extreme.  It’s a much better day when I weed a little bit, and balance my life with things I want to do, things that require my attention and things that are filled with love.  The weeding will get done bit by bit and the end result will be a better balanced version of myself instead of an over frazzled person who is completely disconnected.

There is no rush.

Life is full of back to back moments and if I enjoy those moments as the come I am experiencing life, I am living life instead of rushing through it. 


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