The want 

The past few months have been busy, many celebrations, many visitors and things to do.  When life gets really busy, I look constantly for the shortcuts instead of slowing down and being real; money therefore gets spent much more than it normally does and that frustrates me.

Besides being frustrated by additional expenses, I get frustrated that I am living in a complicated world and only see the shortcuts.  A friend has a baby, I go buy food instead of making it, a relative comes from out of town, I spend absorbent amounts making them comforted through food and drink,  things I can make, I buy, and it makes me feel disconnected. I get caught up in that but the best things in life are simple.

I feel lately like I have overindulged in many ways, and it’s all very busy complicated vibrations; I need to take a step back and bring myself home to the simple life.  The minimilist inside me is begging for me to stop adding to the clutter and start being real again.  It’s not hard, just connect to those simple things and stop feeding the want.  The “want” wants more food, more things, more shortcuts, it wants to fast forward through everything and nothing will satisfy it.  The want is never full, so there is no point in feeding it.

It can be hard to connect to that simple me, but it is the real me; I just have to put down the want and enjoy life simply. 


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