Embrace your wants

I often look at something that I feel I don’t like or is out of control and I try to understand the why, I try to understand the root and I try to bring awareness to it and hopefully find a solution.  I am always trying to find a solutions to things that frustrate me or qualities about myself that I don’t like or that don’t bring me happiness.

I am always trying to solve them.  

They don’t need to be solved, they simple need to be embraced.

Recently I have been frustrated by my financial gorging, and this desire so strong it transforms wants into needs.  I want so badly not to want and that’s where the problem lies. 
That’s where the conflict arises and I feel unhappiness and struggle.  I am not allowing myself to want or I am actually mad at myself for wanting; wanting a variety of things materialistic and non.  Everyone has wants; materialistic and non , it’s a matter of what you do with those wants.  Do you allow them to consume you or do you embrace them and understand them and set them free because   they are simply wants and not needs?

When you simplify it there are very few needs a person requires but a person can have lots of wants and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up about it; allow it, express it but like everything else in life don’t live there, set it free and move forward. Perhaps over time the wants will have less controlling power and simply be a force in your life like anything else. 


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