The importance of sleep

Sleep is so important and I know that, it’s only when I don’t get any do I realize just how much it affects my life.

We are currently battling yet another virus in this household for what I hope is the last time before a nice long summer vacation.  It has kept the children from sleeping well as well as myself and hubby.  The night before last only got me a total of three hours of sleep as the youngest was up and just couldn’t settle.

I decided to pay close attention to what that did to me and it was really awful.  I felt sick periodically, I was full of raw extreme emotions (anger was a big one) and I wanted to take no part in a healthy lifestyle of both eating well and moving my body.  I was not myself and I was exhausted. 

Even without this virus my sleep habits haven’t been ideal lately and this virus keeping me from sleep, showed me just how important sleep is.  In these beautiful summer months our bedroom gets very bright in the early morning, birds are very loud – very close to us- very early and we all tend to wake up earlier.  

I have a few options to help me sleep better. One of those options is to have my windows closed and get some black out blinds, and I think I may do this from time to time but I do enjoy the fresh air at night instead of air conditioning and I much prefer my windows open.  Option two is to start going to bed much earlier.  I think on weekdays and just regular days I should start implementing this tactic.  The other thing I would like to do to start a better sleep pattern is to read only my books and write before I go to sleep.

I do read and write before I head to bed but then I pick up my phone or tablet and spend too much time on it catching up from the day and studies show that being on these devices can really disrupt your sleep. My true self needs to disconnect a little more. I think my mind is afraid of missing something but I catch what I need to.  If it’s important it gets dealt with, I need to continue to trust in that process. 

I have small children, I am not always going to be receiving the worlds most perfect sleep but if I accept that and implement some small changes on my part I can at least feel peace and rest.


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