I no longer chase after the perfect friendships or even like minded people, because we find each other and when I get so focused on finding that perfect like minded person I tend to overlook a lot of beautiful people who surround me.  More importantly, I no longer fear any friendship or relationship in my life because I am realizing just how connected  we all are.  There are bits of me in you and bits of you in me; we are all one.

There are people in my life that once upon a time held a much more prominent role in my life but our paths have led us down different ways, and for a while I blamed them or even deemed them not to be worthy of a relationship; now I feel it’s time to truly move forward and I am ready.  In order to move forward, I feel like forgiveness and love is what is needed right now.   By giving them a chance and allowing them into my life, I am doing what I always wanted from this relationship but could never figure out how to make it work : freeing myself from them. 

By letting go of the past wrongdoings (perceived or not) I am able to unburden myself and allow myself to be free.  Freedom comes from true forgiveness. Holding on to grudges and past wrongdoings only weighs you down. By letting go of any expectations and truly accepting them into my life with love I am able to have a much different relationship then before; one where I can be me.  

By inviting these people into my life, my home and my heart I am connecting with them in ways in which connection lies.  I am seeing pieces of myself inside them and these are pieces that I no longer fear, these are pieces that are me, that I do in fact love and that need love.

Forgiveness and more importantly, love, is the only thing strong enough to break this chain that has been weighing me down for years and now that I can breathe I can detach myself from the outcome and simply exist.


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