I went to reiki today and usually at the start of our session she has me pull a blessings card out of a pile. It’s a really nice little way to start treatment, it connects you with an angel with a particular blessings. Things I  have pulled in the past have been kindness, generosity, safety, and so on.  Today I pulled the card with a blessing of beauty and for a brief moment I thought , not me I am not beautiful and then I thought yes I am and when I shifted my focus I was filled with a very peaceful sense of happiness.

I know this particular blessing is for beauty all around me – in nature, in my friends, my family, my life and that makes me happy but it also is a way to reinforce self love and see myself for the beauty that I am.  

I often speak to myself in a way that I would never to a friend.  In loved ones I don’t see the imperfections they speak of just a beautiful person but have a hard time doing this for myself. I often see my imperfections and then chastise myself for them.

This card has been a very pleasant reminder to see myself, everyone and everything as beautiful, because we all are.  Going forward I would like to shift my focus to that of love and beauty.



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