Managing expectations 

Life leads you in many different kinds of directions and none two directions are exactly the same.  A family gathering with some will be different than others.

This week we went on vacation and visited some family and I found myself getting frustrated especially at the start of the week because I was expecting a different kind of treatment.  I was unfairly comparing the sitatuation to others who may have been there instead. I was getting mad and frustrated that they weren’t helping as much and that if others would have been in their place I wouldn’t have been so exhausted with the kids.

Let’s face it when you travel with kids, it can be a little harder because you are out of your element so those times will be awesome if you have people around who can lend a big hand making it almost feel like you are on a vacation yourself.  Those experiences are really nice but they shouldn’t be expected,  nothing should be expected and that was were I experienced some conflict and frustration.

I expected a vacation entirely for me, I expected the behaviours of some family members not appreciating the ones in front of me and the most important thing: I experienced conflict leading to anger and frustrating because I was too busy trying to expect a type of behaviour instead of accepting and rolling with the waves.

Truth is I had a very nice vacation and there were plenty to be grateful for. I did receive a lot of moments to myself,  something I am not normally privy to but I kept wanting more or expecting something different;  for a few days it merely caused me frusrration instead of enjoyment.

Happy people don’t always have the best moments but they make the best out of their moments and always find gratitude within them; this is an ideal that I love and continue to practice.  It does take me practice, and I have to be gentle with myself as I do practice.  Somehow along the way I have been conditioned to look for the negative and dwell on that, to undo the past conditioning will take some time but it is more that possible.

As I move forward I need to remind myself to manage my expectations and realize they are in fact expectations and to let them go.  Expectations do me no good whatsoever and the best thing I can do is roll with the waves that come riding my way. 


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