What I haven’t been able to figure out is how to remain whole amongst the chaos.  I will give myself some major credit though, stress, a busy summer and major life events haven’t consumed me but they have affected me and that does make me disappointed, then I get disappointed that I am disappointed. 

Such an ugly little cycle.

With two boys at home and naps for only one of them it has left us busy; it has also left little time for myself.  Truth is I could have carved out some time for myself but when things gets stressful or busy I don’t slow down and take that time, and that’s the time when I  need it the most. 

I am learning, growing, changing and adapting and reminding myself to be gentle with myself as I do so; but I am seeing just how easy it is to disconnect from myself as I get caught up in it all. 

How does that saying go “always find some time to just sit and be quiet for ten minutes in nature, unless your busy then sit for an hour at least”.  Like absolutely everything I do this takes some practice and I might not start meditating in the middle of a stressful situation now but I can pause and maybe catch my breath and that is all I need to do.


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