Leaving a legacy

Sometimes I feel like I am going to do such great things in my life, and that makes me concentrate on the word “going” – as if it hasn’t happened yet. It’s okay for me to aspire, to grow and change and to be happy for the future but I need to give myself some credit in the now.

I was thinking the other day one of my many dreams is to become a writer, to be successful and enjoy actual material gains from it.  I thought that my writing could help others like me and I could really make an impact in this world.  My children would read my books, articles, etc..and would be able to access my thoughts preserved in time. Plus it would feel fantastic to actually make a little money doing something I really enjoyed.

Think of the  impact I could have, think of the great things I could do.

Then a thought crossed my mind this morning: you are doing that, you are doing all of that!

Am I making money from my writings? No BUT it’s starting to not matter anymore ; the real drive behind my writings is to help myself and others through vulnerable moments of life. The deep impact I wanted to make in life is happening, maybe not on a giant scale that I might have thought but it is happening.  My children, their children, and their children’s children will be able to access this blog and any of my other writings and have that glimpse into my mind. I am helping myself and others by sharing my personal experience and thoughts. Everyone takes away something different from text and that resonates to you in a way that’s important to you. 

I am indeed making a big impact, we all are, we just sometimes need to see that impact in a different light to realize just how great the things we are doing are in life. 

I am doing great things, I am making a mark in time, so are you whether you realize it or not;and I hope you do realize it because that will fuel you moving forward. I have been searching for what I already have, now it’s time to appreciate it, be grateful for it and revel in the fact that I am leaving a tremendous legacy. 


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