A good friend

A good friend is someone you don’t compete with – you love them, respect them and stand by them no matter what. A good friend is someone you can truly connect with, without judgement, and let it all hang out.  A good friend is someone you can be your authentic self with and not hold back.

As I am learning to be my authentic self with everyone in my life I realize when you live your life authentically, the  people who stick close to you are all good friends.  All friends should be good friends and if they are not send them some love and let go. 

I can count on one hand my friends, I have many acquaintances but only a few I count as friends, real genuine friends, and that actually brings me great joy to write that.  Five years ago I wouldn’t even admit that out loud let alone type it for the world to see.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable is bringing me into myself and the deeper I go into myself the more I connect to true authentic love and happiness.  The more I expose myself,  the more I am learning to connect with others and experience myself in a raw and beautiful way.

This is why I blog. 

I put it out there and you connect in a way that works for you. I do not believe in pretending all is perfect because life has ups and downs and if we can connect in the ups AND the downs then we can experience our authentic selves uninhibited. 

And that’s my goal: to experience everything in this raw way, this beautiful way, this authentic way. 


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