Spiritual superiority 

Sometimes I get myself into some new and beautiful soul uplifting habits. I often feel energized and alive doing these new things and it really connects me to my self.  I start looking at life differently and start experiring things on a higher vibration; and sometimes in amongst all this wonder I suffer from a spiritual superiority complex.

Essentially I feel like I have my shit together and I am doing everything right, and I am kind of better than you.  I am not. I am not better or worse off, I am just different. For a while I have seen many  people in my life in terms of hierarchy, a friend who is vibrating on a much higher level – she is doing better than me, a friend who is new to awareness – she is doing worse than me.  I feel the need to assign some sort of rank to everyone in relations to where I perceive myself to be. I see the amount of time you’ve spent in awareness as time spent learning and that total amount of time somehow determines your amount of awareness or where I put you in my hierarchy. 

We are all on different paths but leading to the same place, it doesn’t matter how we get there or who is on the lead, just that we continue on our own personal journey.  I know deep in my heart and soul the only truth is the one I can perceive, the only truth is the one for me, the only truth is what I experience and feel; it’s completely mine and mine alone. All that I do, feel, and experience is just for me so a hierarchy doesn’t really make sense now  in this context.

We all have something to learn from someone else and we all have something to teach, the trick is to open yourself up enough to receive lessons from everyone and everything.  They are all around, so a hierarchy makes no sense because a lesson and love can come from anywhere.  Like everything in life the goal is to move freely with flow and ease and you can’t do that if you have restrictions and labels on everything. If you can see everything with love, then you can see everything.


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