Today is my wedding anniversary – a date I celebrate not only the day we got married but all the time my husband and I have been together. I’d like to use this moment to just say how grateful I am that we’ve experienced all that we have together. I have and continue to learn and grow from our relationship in many different ways.  It may seem ironic but in our relationship, with his loving encouragement I have had the opportunity to find myself and start reconnecting with my true self.  We may not see eye to eye on everything but I am not short of encouragement in my life’s journeys.

I find right now we are currently in a period of evolving both personally and subsequently our relationship, changing into something new and better connected to true source. It’s not always easy but it’s through these lessons we learn to find a deeper connection personally and together. 

This is a beautiful time in our lives about growth, about change and about finding yourself. The truth is there isn’t anything to find, it’s always been right there under the surface waiting for awareness, waiting for love.


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