Finding balance

I have blogged on more than one occasion that I am an all or nothing person. I am either crazy over the top one way or I am lazy over the top the other way.  I seem to have a hard time coming at life at a steady pace. Ups and downs are part of life, it’s what gives you contrast and understanding but it can prove to be exhausting and disconnecting when I personally operate all or nothing constantly.

Years of conditioning have left me with habits that are extreme.  In the past when I started a new fad exercise, fad diet or started a new spiritual practice, I did that to the extreme, it’s no wonder these new habits didn’t stick around. The habits that I do have that are lifelong are ones that I have gone about gently with patience and practice.  I am often rushing too quickly through something to get to the final result, I ignore the journey and I certainly don’t take anytime to find joy within it.

Finding balance within myself requires patience and understanding. To find balance within myself I must do so with love.  To find my balance I need to ask myself what I need in that particular moment and move forward with that. There is no schedule or outlined plan, I just need little things here and there to balance myself. Things like taking ten minutes to do some colouring daily, edging out twenty minutes to exercise my body, journal, blogging, all these things help me balance my individuality with my daily tasks. Each is indivual too depending on that moment in time; for example upon exercising, I need to recognize some days I’ll want to run, some days I’ll want to dance and some days I’ll just want to walk but that movement is key. There are countless ways to balance myself with my tasks, but both energy spent on me and the energy I spend in my work have joy within it and that is the equilibrium that helps smooth everything together in harmony.

There is joy in everything you do, whether you wish to see it is another story but it is there and it is that joy that helps you balance.  Me personally, I know that joy is everywhere I am starting to see it in everything and the more I see it the more I can recognize it.  This joy helps me carry forward with a gradual incline as opposed to the yo-yo approach I am so familiar with.  Through joy I am able to find my balance; now that doesn’t mean I won’t experience up and downs,  but I can do so with grace and patience now as it’s a little tougher to derail me from my tracks. Sometimes I will derail, but it’s because there is something I need to see or experience so that I can move forward on my track.

It takes time, but I am finding my patience, my joy and my balance.


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