Letting the day flow…

Yesterday was one of those days, you know the ones where everything you planned doesn’t go as planned. I started out searching for a new play group but couldn’t find it. That experience left me frustrated so I decided to take junior home and go for a run with him and then to the park. As I was running a wheel feel off my stroller. Sigh. After a frustrating walk back, we went to the park. A bathroom accident later and we were home way earlier than I had planned considering all that we attempted. 

I was frustrated.

Let it all go I told myself. Who cares! None of that matters and just embrace the day as it comes at you.

Part of me wasn’t convinced. It was that part of me that needs to accomplish something, that needs to be productive, that needs you to think I am doing it right.

Then I told that part of me where to go.  I was tired – thank you time change, and battling the tale end of a cold, what my body and my mind needed was some rest. What I didn’t need was to charge through life to be productive. What I did need was to relax and let life flow.

Letting life flow means releasing expectations, and not being frustrated by the direction your life takes.  To let go you have to really let go and be indifferent to the way your day rolls, letting go of all attachment.

After I detached from the outcome my day perked up and I just ran with it. It was a lot easier on myself and my family when I just let go.


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