Yesterday was a beautiful super full moon, it looked so gorgeous in the sky and I felt so many emotions bubbling to the surface.  They say women are deeply connected to the moon, we have similar phases with ovulation as the moon has phases in the sky. I have always felt the moon to be a thing of beauty and grandness. Usually I don’t pay too much attention to the lunar cycles or myself during them. I may notice the cycles and my emotions at that time but I certainly don’t do anything about it.

But last night I did something different.

I went out.  

I honoured myself as a woman. I  left my home with another girlfriend and enjoyed myself, within myself. We went for dinner and we went to a concert and though I hadn’t had much sleep the night before from my little one being  up with a nasty cold, I didn’t feel exhausted – quite the opposite,  I felt energized and alive in myself.  Even though it was just dinner and a concert I felt like I was honouring myself as a woman.  I was able to connect to another woman last night and the whole night somehow felt sacred.  I was taking time for myself last night regardless of the circumstances and the evening was incredibly beautiful. 

It’s as if something has shifted inside myself and I am in a place where I feel very comfortable honouring myself.  Will I be able to go out like that everyday? No, but everyday I can choose to honour myself and love myself. That little thing, that love, that honour has, and is making the biggest difference in my life right now.  I am understanding that there will always be something around, some reason to cancel the plans, some reason not to honour, but I must look through that and see the value in myself.



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