I tell myself to truth the universe, trust life and trust the process all the time but I don’t think I truly let go and trust completely.  The hard part about trust is belief, you have to trust and truly believe for you to let go. 

My problem is that I often confuse trust with being saved, and the two aren’t the same. One relies on knowledge and patience and the other ignores everything hoping for someone else will take care of all the details. The truth is that when I put faith and trust in myself it all works out to the point that I am taken care of, but I often get to that point and think “I want more”. I often ignore things because I don’t want to deal with it, but when I do stop and deal with it, it will be resolved in a way that I am taken care of – I may have wanted more but the challenge is to see that I am indeed full.

In finances and relationships with certain friends it’s easy for me to see a problem and run away from it. I think to myself that I have no idea what the solution is but I don’t want to deal with it so I ignore it. Sometimes what I need is time to stop and think and maybe ask for some help for direction. It always gets taken care of but I don’t always like the outcome. I may have to pinch some pennies for a bit or the relationship with that friend may go south, instead of being upset and spending more I shouldn’t or agonize over the friendship lost, I should trust and continue on that path.

I often make snap decisions in the moment and then have regret. I don’t take time to just be with a decision and I often distrust the way the whole thing gets played out. I need to stop seeing my world as lack and start seeing all the abundance, that will help shift my perception and allow me to truly trust that I have what I need and will always have what I need so long as I continue my peaceful and patient trust. 

I must put my trust back in the world, back in the universe but most importantly back in myself, because I can’t accept trust if I cannot provide it.

Trust and believe that all that you need, you shall receive


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