I have had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to give. I want to give myself, my time and really my love.  I have started small by giving small things here or there, giving a bit of time here or there and I feel such joy doing so.  The idea is that if you want joyous love surrounding you, then give it, be the change.

When I first started out on my spiritual journey I learned and am still learning to take time for myself. I had learned that my whole life I had been living for everyone else or more accurately what I thought everyone expected from me. So my recent new shift in wanting to help, wanting to love has sent my ego waving a red flag: be careful Danielle or you will wind up living for everyone else again.  That simply cannot be anymore and this is why:

1. I now take time for myself.  I do put myself first but in a loving way, I do so for love for myself and others. I no longer hurt people or myself in putting myself first because I am doing it from a place of love. I love me and I am also considerate of all. 

The other day I had absolutely no sleep, one of my children had been up all night and I had plans to meet a friend for breakfast really early the next morning. I got up from my hour or two of sleep I had managed to get to a text from that friend saying she had gotten there early and there was no rush she was at this particular table.  I thought about cancelling, she would understand but then I thought she made it all the way there and she was looking forward to it and so was I. So I got myself there and we had a great time. Turns out I was putting myself first and also being loving to her as well.

2. Loving myself makes loving others easy and effortless. I am now in a spot where I love myself enough that I am feeling abundance of love and that spills over into everyone I encounter. The more I learn to love myself the more I want to give it to others. 

3. I am better balanced. I used to feel large amounts of resentment that I was doing so much and no one else was and now I recognize that I do what I can and so does every one else. I ask more now “how can help” and have found to do so in love has had a more reciprocal outpouring love then listing what I have done, now love returns in abundance.  So long as I tap into myself and my love there is no room for resentment as there is only room for love with myself and others.

I cannot deny this call for service in my life and it must be happening now because I am in a spot of love for myself. I am loving myself to a point of overflow where that love has spilled over into how can I serve – how can I give love to everyone who needs it.  I’ll continue slow, but I feel like it will accumulate to great things so long as I flow and allow it to flow.


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