My expectation

There are people in my life who are a certain way, there are things about their personality which bothers me. If they could only be more thoughtful or considerate on their spiritual path it wouldn’t bring me so much angst.  I wish for them to be more thoughtful, to really put themselves in others shoes – they can be very self-absorbed and it frustrates me. Many spiritual practices teach to love yourself first, to work from your own voice, to be selfish in a way because it’s your voice that you can hear not any one else’s and only you can move in a way that’s right for you.

This is my struggle.

I understand that and live that way but it no longer seems to stand on its own for me. Isn’t there a way I can do this while being kind and considerate to others? Isn’t there a way for me to speak my truth, live for me while being thoughtful to you?  It’s not simple enough to say this is my decision anymore. My struggle lies in wanting to move forward the way I must while respecting your path too. 

Little disrespectful things from some have been hurting me and continue to hurt me right now because I struggle with this concept. I suppose they are disrespectful through my eyes but may not be through there eyes and that’s my problem – I wish they could see their words, their actions through all eyes.  There is that struggle again, I shouldn’t look through any eyes but my own, yet I can feel sadness through others if I were to choose a certain path. Perhaps it’s just perceived sadness but can’t I move through my life through my eyes loving yours? 


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