Release and trust

Someone asked me yesterday if I was stressed about the holidays, I said no because our escapades are usually casual with lots of games, music and fun but today I think of all the gifts to get, the holiday things to do and I realize maybe I am a little bit stressed.  Everyone gets a little stressed this time of the year but there can be a lot expected of us and we must let that fall, otherwise it will consume us.

There is a strong feeling right now amongst me and my friends that there is a lot on our plate and we are expected to do it all without complaint, now I am not going to encourage complaining but there is no reason for us to bare a cross alone. If you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed reach out to a friend because that makes a world of difference, it may not change anything but your able to release and hopefully move on.

I can feel pressure from my daily life, pressure from my family, from friends, from society but really it is pressure from myself on myself. We will survive, we always do and my worry or stresss does nothing to help the situation it just makes my stomach upset. There is a very light and freeing feeling that comes from understanding that I am taken care of, I am given what I need when I need it.  To truly  ascribe to that idea of being taken care of frees you from yourself. My son is always walking around saying “try your best and forget the rest”.  It’s so true. I simply must put my love into it at that moment, then set it free and trust. 

There is no award for doing it all or being perfect, there is just light and love – which I would rather have any day of the week.


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