My lessons 

Lately the kids have had everything from the stomach flu to strep throat, with them being sick more than being well this has led to many sleepless nights.  These illnesses have been going on since school began in September it is on the verge of being ridiculous. I am a big believer on life throwing things to you again and again until you understand and accept the lessons provided from it.  This morning I sat down and put some real thought into it and I have come up with some real lessons that are sinking in.

I want to start off by saying that this will continue to be a constant in my life for years as the children grow. Kids get sick a lot and I honestly can’t stop it. 

Which brings me to lesson one: patience. This is going to happen, a lot, I need to tap into my patience not only in the moment but future moments, it will be years until they reach a state where school and groups don’t provide so many awful illnesses.  In the moment I also need to be patient, it will pass and though at times it could be weeks of a particular illness, it will pass.

The next lessons screaming to me is one I have been trying to gain practice in- find yourself and connect to yourself in amongst the storm.  There is always going to be something, some drama, some illness, I need to stand strong inside myself. That means taking time for me, seeing friends, getting out, having a bath, exercise, eating well, being positive. The trick is that doing all those things are really hard in amongst the chaos but if you do then you can stand really strong as you brave the storm.

The third lesson screaming to me right now is to simply roll with it, and this doesn’t mean giving up, it means recognizing what’s happening, accepting what’s happening and being fluid in that moment.  The things you hoped to accomplish that day will in fact have to wait but don’t give up on it completely, just do them in the right moment in right time within you.

I understand my lessons and the trick isn’t merely to recognize it, it’s to continue to understand and practice them as they come up.  As I make peace with my lessons, I will have peace within myself and be able to move forward in light and love.


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