Finding my tribe 

Connection is part of the human experience, we are all connected to one another in some shape or form. The  thread that connects us all together is strong,  whether we are able to admit that may be another story; but today I wanted to post about finding my tribe. I have some amazing friends and I love them to pieces, each one teaches me a little about myself and connects me in a different way; they are my tribe, my people and I feel that love and connection strongly. My new mantra of be the good, or be the change, is powerful one, and I hope that seep into my tribe as well as myself. To be there for one another is powerful and gives us a beautiful deep connection.  My tribe has no room for judgment, hate,or  jealousy, it only has room for love and I can’t make anyone do it, I can just practice it myself and see how it all plays out. 

There are some friends who have started to fall away the more that I practice my new mantra, maybe they don’t fit well in this tribe of mine, but I am doing my best not to force it or over analyze it and just let it be. It’s tricky, for sometimes  I do feel angry :  why on earth can’t they be nice, helpful or kind – why must it always be a battle? Deep breath and let it go. They have taught me about myself but maybe that is their role, perhaps I am trying to force them into my tribe when they don’t fit or even want to fit. 

My tribe is beautiful and it is sacred, I hold it in very high regards.  My tribe is a place where all is welcome, but not everyone will fit or want to and that’s okay but the more love I throw out there the more I recognize it, in all it’s glory. I am starting to attract like minded people and more importantly I am recognizing those people everywhere, they can be strangers but there is a global community of love and kindness out there waiting for interaction; all I have to do is take the first step and be the good.


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