Pause for love

This holiday season is busy for everyone, throw in an extra birthday in our home and I am not short of things to do.  There is lots for me to do and I can easily get caught up in the list instead of present moment acts. My kids have been sick and sleep has been hard to find,which has made me tired and grumpy and not interested in pause for love moments.

I am so busy trying to get things done and making magical memories for my children that I am not enjoying them myself.  I am often in the moment trying to get to the next one so I can check that off my list.  It’s an old reflex of mine, having everything perfect this time of the year. I can let that perfection go but I also don’t want to just sit around the house either. I do enjoy doing these things and making these gifts and all the love that’s in them but I have lost focus on the present moment. Laziness and productivity in my world,  isn’t always well balanced but I do know that I just need to make time for what I love or rather love in that moment.

It’s so important to me to create a space and time to do things that bring me joy and love, be that with my family or myself, this needs to remain a constant in my life. What I find right now is most things I do have love in them. Sometimes the simplest joys like folding the laundry have some secret hidden love there: maybe it’s looking at your kids cute clothes or remarking how they have grown. Each moment in life gives us a chance to pause and experience love, if we allow it.


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