I wanted to be in a zen-like state of peace today being the last day of 2016, but instead I am sick and angry – exactly how I started 2016! 

I should be grateful that I am not as sick as I was yesterday and I hope this is me on the mend, but I am a total grump! I am angry at everything! I am angry that our family has battled ailment after ailment but I am grateful that no one was extremely sick on Christmas and that whatever this is will hopefully have made its way through the home and is done. 

Truth: I am a grumpy sick person, not exactly the best patient.  I have had my share of tummy woes so I get extra irritated when a tummy bug comes marching into our home. 

I have been staring at Facebook today, watching friends out and about enjoying their New Years Eve celebrations and I have just been feeling left out that I am not doing the same. I am just sitting here feeling sorry for myself.  I am not really in a place to be out and about and neither is half my family so why am I being so down about it.

This post was going to be about me complaining about how life keeps throwing a wrench in my plans but maybe it’s that wrench that gives me strength, maybe it’s that wrench that is asking for me to take a closer look – maybe it isn’t a wrench but something positive. I am tired of complaining. I am tired of feeling like I am not my true self. I need to take off my clouded views and start seeing the brighter colours in life.

Today I will celebrate with cuddles on the couch in my jammies with those I love the most.  We will watch movies and snuggle and just welcome 2017 in with a big snuggly hug. It isn’t what we do but how we do it with love. 

2017 is a chance for a new beginning, I want to be my true self, then simply that is what I will be and I want experience love everywhere, so I will.   I shall look at the world in bright colours and positivity. Time to look at things differently, in love, and recognize that there is love in everyone and everything. 


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