To speak your truth

I am learning to speak my truth and it can be a lesson that I find a bit challenging.  I think it’s because speaking your truth requires a bit of tact. I often associate speaking your truth with being a little mean because I am saying things that may hurt your feelings and that’s up to you whether or not to take it in. Speaking your truth, like everything in my life, needs to come from a place of love. 

I have come to think that when I speak my truth that is supposed to hurt your feelings, and that’s really not the case. I mean I am sure it could but if I am to be honest I should do so from a place of love, not a place of anger.  Often I am feeling that I should be speaking my truth when I have been wronged or angered.  When I am in that state of anger and I am speaking my truth from there – that is not my truth, it’s been skewed by my anger.

Speaking your truth is a process by which you say something that your truly feel, and it often does come in a negative territory, where someone may put you down or make you feel unease, the trick is to speak your truth from a place of love and let it be. That’s the hard part saying what you need to say from a place of love and letting it be, without agonizing over how it was interpreted or fear of anticipating of an argument. It may never be accepted by the other but that’s okay, the point isn’t them, the point is you, setting that truth free in love.

You can never know how people truly feel or act, they may mean one thing but you take it as another.  Speaking your truth means saying what you feel but it doesn’t mean hurting someone else, it like everything in life can and should come from a place of love.  


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