The prescription to myself

There is a prescription that I take in order to feel that connection to my true self: it’s meditation,  eating well, a bit of exercise, writing in some shape or form,  and some real solid moments to myself. Those moments to myself constantly change  but they may be a bath, colouring,  music or art – it’s often relaxing and often times creative.

This past weekend I spent helping celebrate my sisters birthday and surprise weekend party and I didn’t physically have much space and time for myself. That coupled with lots of unhealthy eating made me realize that I do indeed have a prescription for myself that when I follow leaves me in a much better space.

A few things surprised me, how eating poorly really does effect my head space, depression can come waltzing in really easy when I don’t eat well. I thought my eating habits were just a way to be healthy or even to “not be fat” but it’s so much more than that, I realized this weekend that what I eat effects my mood and my mind deeply. It’s important for me to continue to eat well to tell myself that I am important enough to have this positive head space.

The other thing that surprised me was just how important that time to myself is. I was in my sisters apartment which is a small one bedroom and things were tight to say the least, there was little space for me to even be alone let alone to take time out. Really it took a bit more effort and I didn’t want to put that time in and thus suffered the consequences.

I had many breakdown moments and could really feel the seeds of depression try to sprout. I didn’t feel in a good spot but once I got there, it was very hard to leave. I did not feel like myself. It was like being taken a hold of and it was a challenge to break free; but,  I did and I will continue to follow my prescription to allow my true self to shine. 

When I follow the prescription for myself I end up in a better spot, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad things happen or that I won’t be in a bad mood; it simply means that I will have a better base to start from and as I continued on my journey I need a solid foundation in which to stand on.


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