I recently joined a health group, it’s mainly on Facebook and I joined because the rules (or general guidelines for good health) are simple and require no additional costs on my part (ie: I don’t have to buy certain products or eat a certain food group). The group is about eating healthy: lots of fruits and veggies, drinking water, 30 minute daily exercise – that kind of idea.  The group is nothing  outlandish and very simple for me, just what I needed because I can often make things way more complicated then they have to be. Personally I joined to get some new recipes because I am in a funk in terms of my healthy eating regime.  I also wanted little reminders from the group to continue on my path, just a little support.

The group started at a time where I was gearing up to throw my sister a surprise party, this meant packing up the kids and traveling four hours away. It was hectic, a little bit stressful and really hard to stick to the basic rules.  As I posted the other day, when I am not eating well it affects my mental state as well and I am often more moody and irritable; this weekend was no exception, I went to an ugly spot. All the wonderful messages of support and community from this group was annoying me because I wasn’t there myself – I wasn’t in a good place. 

One woman posted a picture of herself at the gym and she looked so fit and so small and I got really mad. It sounds ridiculous now but I was so pissed that this women posted a picture of herself at the gym because obviously she needed the attention. What was she even doing in this group – she obviously doesn’t need a group like this!!?

That’s where I can live if I don’t give myself love by eating well. Boy is it an ugly place to live.

Having come back from my trip and I have had some time to regroup and follow my prescription for myself:  I have started to eat well and move my body again and take some time for me. I now look at that group and see a beautiful community of support.  That women who posted a picture for motivation – from herself and from the rest of us, she is looking for support.  I  am ashamed to admit it but sometimes supporting people unconditionally without judgment isn’t my first thought, certainly when I have just had a weekend of gorging myself on junk food and alcohol it is probably the furthest from the truth.

In life, one of my goals is for women and everyone for that matter, to support everyone unconditionally. I really do want everyone to help each other in small ways and big, without judgment, just love.  Let’s face it, it takes a village to raise these children and it takes a community to band together in love to make it so. I don’t believe man is adherently evil, I believe we are beings of love and if I want to see support for everyone I have to be that change and be support for everyone.

In my health challenge I haven’t had any real big learning moments in terms of health but I have certainly learned a lot of the value of support; and if I take nothing away but that,  then I consider this money well spent.


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