My truth

I struggle daily to find my voice, to speak up for myself in a loving way, not a reactive hateful way.  Sometimes I think that I should be doing more, speaking my truth in some sort of grand way but I realized today that the sum of my parts is so much larger than I realize and that the more I practice the easier it is to speak my truth with everyone. All these moments of truth in my life, add up and make a big impact on my life and really do connect me in a loving way to my true self. 

Blogging has been a big way that I speak my truth, I don’t hold back, it is what it is and I put it out there in a vulnerable way but it makes me feel lighter. Not everyone agrees with what I have to say, but that’s okay, so long as I am not maliciously trying to hurt someone or coming from a place of hate, I am happy to simply speak my truth. I am finding it more and more comfortable to speak my truth with all my friends and everyone I meet, I can respectfully disagree or give my own opinion without worry that it isn’t the same and I will be disliked. I have noticed through social media I am really starting to comment on various things, share my opinion and speak my truth and it seems to really hit home when I do it from a place of love.

The most important thing I have noticed is that when I do speak my truth from a place of love, I am actually starting to leave it be – I will release the idea and almost say good bye to it in my head, not trying to read into any response.  I am finding when I speak from a position of love I am often met with love as well.  The most important thing is the more that I practice, by even little comments on someone’s Facebook post,  the more I connect with that loving truth and feel more confident in doing so.

Practice really does make perfect!


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