Be true to yourself 

Today  I was enjoying myself on Facebook, there seemed to be many posts that were positive and uplifting and I was so happy and proud to be me in this exact moment. Then I came across it, that one bad comment from that one person who for the most part has not rubbed me too much in the wrong way but is certainly is a strongly opinionated person with some toxic energy.

I got mad. Really mad. Her comment made me so angry. Then I got mad I got mad. I shouldn’t let it bother me I told myself, she has strong opinions about everything. 

Being mad was a natural reaction, no need to should all over myself, I recognize it as anger and now time to let go.  Then I thought, why do I follow this person? And I remembered that I had unfriended her in the past and when I added her back some time later she had some words to say to me, she certainly wasn’t a nice person and even though she’s sort of family, I don’t need that. I stopped following her today and decided to let that go, there is really nothing gained by me to stew in her negativity. I don’t even see her daily, I may have seen her once in the past ten years, but I suppose I fear what others may think. 

Right now in my life what I really need is truth and that truth is in regards to me, I need to speak my truth and I need to be true to myself and I won’t accomplish that by trying to appease everyone else. Some people have toxic energy that just doesn’t feel right and they may even be close to you but it doesn’t mean you have to stew in that toxicity and try to make them right or have it seep into you.  I release her now and I do so in love, we just aren’t the right energy right now and in my truth I must allow myself to connect with others who are  the same, with love.

It’s so important right now and kind of cliche but it’s so true: be true to yourself!


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