My have-to’s

I release all “have-to’s” in my life. You know all those things we “have to do”, I let go of it; it doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything anymore , it’s more that I let go of the idea of “have to’s” in the sense that I need to do something  at the expense of my joy.  

A few days ago I had some old stomach pains, at first I did my best to ignore them but then they crept in and I got angry. I know it can’t hurt me but it makes life uncomfortable.  The pains came in as I was going through a cleaning and organizing period in my home where I had to get it all done and had to get it done now. I didn’t want to do any of it and the stress that it was causing me was literally paining my stomach but I thought : suffer through an it will all be done soon.

I am really done suffering through things. 

The way I see it, to avoid this undue stress, I can either not do the action, which when it’s possible that works well or sometimes when it’s not possible (like having to feed my children when I am not in the mood to cook or prepare food) perhaps I could change my mindset and approach the task with joy and love.

I know for certain my body does not respond to being forced into something anymore and I no longer wish to operate out of a mile long to-do list that has to be done right away.  There’s always something to do and the way to approach it is in the moment,  with joy and love.


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