Valentine’s Day 

Today is Valentine’s Day and I love this day; not because of the chocolate, not because it’s a date night (no date night for me tonight)  but because it’s an opportunity to remember love.  

I know how Valentine’s Day came to be, I also know how it’s morphed throughout the years and many see it as a very commercialized day. The way I see it is for every person out buying their loved one’s diamond jewelry there is someone having an anti-commercialized day filled with zombie movies and snacks (my sisters tradition).  Here is the thing: the way you celebrate can’t be wrong, if it’s got a foundation in love. However you celebrate it or whatever you believe, it’s all founded in love – love for your significant other, your family, yourself! This is a time to remember love and if your heart is truly standing firmly in love I don’t see how you can be doing it wrong. 

Valentine’s Day reminds me of New Year’s Eve and it’s resolutions. It’s a chance for me to remind myself that everyday should be Valentine’s Day and that we all should be operating from a place of love.  My son will come home today filled with a home made basket of little love notes from his classmates and everyone of them is different, I love going through them with him because there just so much love in that basket.  There may be people who don’t get a long in his class but that seems to shift aside and each child participates, carefully writing down each other’s names on a card –  and trust me at my sons age that requires some thought and time so there is some serious love right there! 

This day makes me remember that yes I operate from a place of love and shall continue to do so. It also reminds me that in a day filled with random acts of love and kindness that should continue all through the year.  The notes, the chocolates, the kindness, the appreciation, the thoughtfulness, all the love should be given all year round!  

So today I am grateful for love and everyone in my life who I love, that includes you reading here, your love is what keeps me writing and in a place where love flows freely and naturally.  

So happy love day!  May you be filled with nothing but love today and everyday! 


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