The victim 

This week I had tons of plans, but none of them came true. Friends couldn’t attend, families weren’t able to come anymore, children got sick, life happened, and for the most part it was quiet and not that bad of a week, though it did seem rather long at times. Today I let my ego seep in and saturate myself as the victim.  Why me? Why are people always bailing on me? Why do my kids get sick when I look forward to a night out with my hubby? Why can’t my family be there when I need it?

There I am.

The victim.

The key to living a victim-less life is owning your own life, taking full responsibility for your life and your happiness. I don’t feel like I am blaming anyone else, but I am. You canceled our date and that’s your fault, and therefore I am sad from that. I am not taking responsibility for my life and my happiness, I am relying on others to do that for me. I am relying on you to make me happy. This has been a major issue of mine for some time, I want everyone else to do the hard work and the truth is I am never going to make any major break throughs if I don’t get my hands a little dirty. 

It’s sneaky how easy I default to being the victim. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it. I just thought crappy things are happening to me and that makes me sad, but I am the one putting all my eggs in other people’s baskets hoping they will bring me happiness and joy.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t make plans moving forward, I just go with the flow because I know that whatever I do even if I do it on my own will have happiness because that happiness comes only from me.

Change begins with me.


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