I was talking to a friend of mine about New Years resolutions and she introduced me to an idea of a one word resolution.  She spoke of this idea where instead of having a list of different things you want to accomplish, you choose a word that’s important to you and just fills you up.  Throughout the year everything you do should tie into that word, it’s a way to keep yourself in check – to make sure your following your heart and soul.

This isn’t her idea nor mine and I am not sure where it originates  – I am certainly not claiming it to be mine at all but I really like the idea. For a few weeks after she told me about it, I decided to let it be and see what word stands out and speaks to me. It’s taken a few weeks but the word that keeps coming to me is strength. 

This year for me is about strength. I really like this word. For me it represents my souls strength in all that I do – tapping into my inner strength in all aspects of life.  It’s not just wanting to be physically strong, but more a deeper connection to a strong source. This strength for me means having confidence in myself, believing in myself and standing strong in my power. It’s the strength to be in my power and it all resides in myself depending on no one else but me; it feels liberating, exciting and powerful. 



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