My hidden lessons 

I’m starting to really see how different people in our lives are there challenging us so that we can learn an important lesson.  My two-year-old son is there teaching me about patience, tapping into that angry part of myself that I hate, so that I can make peace with it .  Those mother figures in my life are there to get me to believe in myself and to not care what anyone else thinks, to really let go. 

By challenging me, it’s really pushing me to get in touch with these lessons.  It’s not always easy, in fact it’s pretty freaking hard at times but I do believe it’s supposed to be hard otherwise I would pay no attention to it. 

So when my toddler is really pushing my buttons I have to tell myself to stop and realize this is about me learning patience this about me learning how to make peace with my anger in this is about me connecting to my true self and let that go. Bit by bit it will get easier and become second nature.


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