I have been struggling lately, struggling with a toddler who has a real spark for life, struggling with new skills for him and teaching new things like potty training. I have been struggling with myself, my anger and a feeling of being alone. I have been struggling with finances.  This past week has been intense with energy that’s been hard for me because I know that I have lessons imbedded in these struggles but I am finding them so difficult to navigate through alone.

Often when I feel overwhelmed like I have been the past few weeks I want to retreat. I head back and get cranky, I want to be alone and I want it all resolved without me having to do much, if anything.  

I find the moon cycles do affect my moods and myself, and admitting that had taken a long time. It’s no secret when a full moon happens I am filled with extra emotions and things often get tense. It happens every month and I have been afraid to admit this in the past because I am afraid others will think I am crazy but I am breaking through and this breakthrough means speaking my truth regardless of what others may think.  The moon affects the earth with the ocean tides, it affects all of us in some shape or form and admitting that means admitting that we are indeed all connected, everyone, everything.

Now that I am in this period of intense energy, it’s a time for breakthroughs and breakthroughs happen in amongst the chaos.  Right now I can see that my issues of learning patience, not caring what others think, and just going with the flow are all important issues to learn but before I do I must accept things as they are right now. These things take time and right now what I need is to slow down and realize I can’t breakthrough everything at once but I can accept things as they are –  this feels like the first and most important step. 

I have talked about this before but instead of saying it and quickly trying to move on I need to live there for a while and feel like I really am accepting it. I’ll be guided to the next place when I need it.

What I need to accept:

– relationships as they are right now, as they are, this means no comparison to others

-finances as they are right now, again no comparison to others

– my children, as they are, spunk and all, it’s who they are, no comparison to others

– myself as I am, and stand with strength in my voice, even if others may find it silly or don’t agree with it

– my body as it is, love all the bumps and lumps and know that I am doing what it needs and again no comparing to others

Right now acceptance is key, accepting everyone and everything in my life is the only thing I need to do, and I need to do that in love.


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