It’s all smoke and mirrors

Today I had an a-ha moment where I realized that I have been caught up in a big comparison game, I hadn’t even realized I was playing.

Lately a few social media sites had been showing some old friends looking fantastic and leading this amazing and very prosperous life.  I was jealous. Every picture posted was perfect. Their children looked amazing and well adjusted and they showered them with amazing material possessions too. They themselves were going on countless trips and money certainly flowed very freely to them.

I was really jealous.

I wanted the material possession, the endless activities and vacations and I wanted to provide all of that to my children as well. 

Then I met my old friend out in the world per chance and as I was describing my sons dislike for a particular school subject and she said hers does as well –  I started to object because I had clearly just seen a picture of him doing this subject with captions that did not suggest even a hint of dislike by her son and then the lightbulb hit;  I just saw a picture, I don’t know the whole story and I am comparing my whole story with a picture that’s not even an accurate portrayal.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Then I got thinking that in all honesty I know down in my heart that I have been comparing too much lately and that has been leading to jealousy, hate and frustration.  I only have my complete story and that’s all I need to focus on. The way I live my life, my family, how I look – it only matters to me and I just need to focus on that and truly ignore the rest because the only full story I have is my own. 


3 thoughts on “It’s all smoke and mirrors

  1. I totally agree with you just like I do with my own life story. We only know what goes on in our house, really. You can see all the brags you want on social media, but then you have to wonder why the same people put the same brags up all the time. One thought I often have is the attention it gets. People flock to such wonderful accomplishments. Maybe, it’s because they are hoping these will rub off on them, and their families. Or maybe they are truly happy for those people with those accomplishments, and social media is a good, quick, easy, place to say so. I too have looked at some of the accomplishments by parents, and kids, and I too have thought oh my what if I could do this, or my one son had done that.

    The fact of the matter is that I have accomplished things in my field, and my son [whose still making his way in life], has done what he has done. This is what I really want to celebrate, and I don’t have to post it to have company. I’m thankful that me and mine have a life story all our own. We can share or no, but always be thankful for having what we have as a individuals, and as a family. Bravo to you for discerning this too.

    I suspect that upon further reflection you will realize that you and yours have much to celebrate. Highest and Best!!!

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