Mothers Day

Today is Mother’s Day.  A day I love. Mainly because I love what these types of celebration days hold for me – quality time with family.

I have been struggling lately with my dad’s health. He has a very aggressive prostate cancer which has put him through a lot of aggressive treatments.  He has been through two scary surgeries, radiated at least half a dozen times and has been put on a variety of medicine to try to keep the cancer at bay but it keeps coming. We were told the last thing they would do is chemotherapy.  It was a last line of defence, it would be hard on his body and his already weak heart and would be the last thing they could do to try to help – after that there’s nothing.  That is where we are standing in this world looking down the barrel of a gun that may or may not work and if so not for very long – this last line of defence, not an easy one either.  We’re told words like “downward slope” “maybe a year” “not very good” and cling to the small chance that “it’ll be okay” but it’s hard, it’s very hard and has been weighing on me more than I have allowed it.

So I don’t know how long I will have with my dad, so I take every celebration seriously never knowing if it will be our last. I treasure these days and though technically today we are celebrate my mom and myself, we’re always celebrating the time with my dad. 


A better balance

There must be a balance between doing what’s right for you while also being kind, thoughtful and compassionate to other human beings.  I mean I think you need to listen to your heart and be yourself but don’t forget others –  be thoughtful compassionate and consider others as well.

If your dream was to become the big CEO of a company does it have to be done at the expense of others. Isn’t there another way?

I feel right now people are losing sight of how we are all in this together and that compassion and love is very faint. Where are the tribes? Where is the togetherness? Where is the love?