Mothers Day

Today is Mother’s Day.  A day I love. Mainly because I love what these types of celebration days hold for me – quality time with family.

I have been struggling lately with my dad’s health. He has a very aggressive prostate cancer which has put him through a lot of aggressive treatments.  He has been through two scary surgeries, radiated at least half a dozen times and has been put on a variety of medicine to try to keep the cancer at bay but it keeps coming. We were told the last thing they would do is chemotherapy.  It was a last line of defence, it would be hard on his body and his already weak heart and would be the last thing they could do to try to help – after that there’s nothing.  That is where we are standing in this world looking down the barrel of a gun that may or may not work and if so not for very long – this last line of defence, not an easy one either.  We’re told words like “downward slope” “maybe a year” “not very good” and cling to the small chance that “it’ll be okay” but it’s hard, it’s very hard and has been weighing on me more than I have allowed it.

So I don’t know how long I will have with my dad, so I take every celebration seriously never knowing if it will be our last. I treasure these days and though technically today we are celebrate my mom and myself, we’re always celebrating the time with my dad. 



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